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      Why Mediate?

  • You tell your story the way you want to
  • You decide what your agreement is
  • You allow the resolution process to work
  • You stay out of court

     Your Mediator

Mr. Ogilvie has been mediating cases for over twenty years, either representing a party or acting as the mediator.  It is a part of his everyday law practice and a mark of his character to help people agree on how they will get through tough times and how they can still meet their goals at the same time others can meet theirs.  He believes that living in harmony and peace is often more attainable than we think.

As an attorney with much experience in the courtroom, he knows the importance of maintaining control of your own disputes.  Leaving the fate of your case to a judge can be daunting and costly.  The outcome is a gamble.  The consequences can be very different than you anticipated.  And the chances of leaving a trail of scorched earth are much greater.

Mr. Ogilvie is a favored mediator among many of the leading family law firms and attorneys in the Denton County and Collin County area in North Texas.  He gets even the hardest cases resolved without the need for trial.  He is also among the few mediators selected for court-appointed mediations in  family law matters.

Our office in Frisco is designed to accommodate multiple parties in a comfortable, neutral environment.  We also offer video-conference mediations (usually via ZOOM) when meeting in person is not practical or necessary.

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