Estate Planning & Probate

Estate Planning & Probate is inevitable at some point, as we are all part of a life cycle that will undoubtedly include frailty, sickness, disappointment, and even death (and if it doesn’t happen directly to us, there’s a good chance it happens to someone close to us).  It is the wise person who plans to be secured and prepared in the times that test our being.  Development of an estate plan cannot prevent the two inevitables—DEATH and TAXES—but it can certainly lessen the impact for those around us.


WILLS are created to become effective upon your death to help your loved ones with the distribution of your assets.

POWERS OF ATTORNEY allow you to designate others to speak for you when you cannot speak for yourself while you are alive.

DESIGNATION OF GUARDIAN allows you to designate who should take care of you and your assets should you develop an impairment.

ADVANCED DIRECTIVES permit you to speak as to whether or not your physician can “pull the plug.”

Certified in Guardianship Law

Certified in Guardianship Law--Mr. Ogilvie is Certified under section 1054.201 of the Texas Estates Code authorizing him to practice Guardianship before Probate courts and to represent clients seeking guardianships over loved ones.  He sometimes represents the proposed ward to determine and implement least restrictive alternatives before the Court can strip certain rights away and put the frail person’s life completely in the hands of the guardian.


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